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A while ago I predicted that Lala Shy will achieve a greater success than Dakota Rose, who belongs to the same jimusho.


I have reasons to propose it.

Take a look at the link.

Omg~ Lala is so perfect <3
I think she is going to be very big in the modeling industry too. She gives me the same feeling as 水原 希子 but with a softer image~ I think everybody that says Lala isn’t cut out for this business is crazy~ She is so naturally photogenic! 


Interview with Dante Carver.

When I first got here, I got scouted by 4 agencies. I was at 121 auditions that I didn’t get.

I’m a little confused.

He said at 2:15 he got scouted by four agencies. I think he stated elsewhere that he got scouted just by sitting at a cafe.

Then he says he didn’t get job at 121 auditions.

I’m guessing he means he got scouted, signed with one of them, got jobs, but getting at audition on his own (with his jimusho’s permission).

There’re not many black models and actors here, so you’ll have a big chance to succeed.


It could also be that despite having an agency he still had to audition for jobs. Most celebrities in America have talked about how there was more failure on their way to becoming famous than there was success. It’s quite common for people to audition tons and not get very many jobs. 

My new sounds:

I reviewed some lenses that don’t appear to have much exposure~!

Link is 2 kawaii 4 u

Link is 2 kawaii 4 u

My new sounds:

canniko Asked:
Hey! I just stumbled upon your youtube vids from the cover you did of The Pillows. I saw a lot of your videos, and I'm really interested in your story, like where you and you're bandmate are from and how you started and why japanese songs and all that?

My answer:

My bandmate and I are both from Laredo Texas and boy is there nothing to do here! When I was in elementary school, I started to rent anime VHS tapes on a whim because they were cartoons with pretty girls. Since they are VHS and not broadcasted on TV, I got to see all of the original openings and endings as well as the anime subbed as it was originally intended rather than the saturday morning dubs (that were censored).

Because of this, I got a taste of Japanese culture and started to love what I was seeing. Before I knew it, I had expanded on that and moved on to primarily Japanese music. I had always loved singing but I found myself feeling more in my niche singing in the range of typical Japanese music~

Somewhere around 2010 or so, I started to upload covers onto youtube. Alexander (my bandmate) and I had been friends since we were kids and bandmates in another band but only shared composition as a mutual interest with completely different tastes until one day we both discovered we loved the same producer; Yasutaka Nakata. It came up when he tried to show me the song “One Room Disco” by Perfume and I was extremely surprised because I had been obsessively listening to them for several years.

From then on, we attempted to achieve his sound and Alexander’s appreciation for Japanese music grew. As this was all happening, we would occasionally travel to Austin to practice/record with our other band and one day on the drive home last year, we thought, “what if we try our hand at J-rock?” That same night we cooked up the name “REMOTE GIRL” and planned. That same month we released Ninjari Bang Bang and the rest is (brief) history! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Laredo is boring. Japanese music is fun. We became a j-rock band in a boring town. 

baconrice Asked:

My answer:

Not yet!! As soon as I can muster together enough original music to make one I certainly will!

Anonymous Asked:
Your band's cover of that Pillows track is absolutely amazing! So what do we gotta do ensure that ur band wins anyway?

My answer:

Thank you so much! Just keep watching it through and sharing it with others! The first round is based on views. The second round is going to be judged~

denpa-chu Asked:
Hey I've been wondering this for awhile, the idol hair style a full fringe (bangs) and those side hair thingys ( what are they called) and why is this such a popular hairstyle to have in the idol industry/Japan ?

My answer:


 a full fringe (bangs) : it’s called ぱっつん

side hair thingys : it’s called おさげ or 三つ編み.

おさげ refers to the way hair is placed, while 三つ編み refers to a type of braid.



why is this such a popular hairstyle to have in the idol industry/Japan ?

> because you usually see them worn by (little) girls.

I think Denpa-chu is referring to this ^


If you ask me, RyokoDefini

I think Ryoko is so cute! 


This is an interesting change by Venusangelic. I wouldn’t have imagined she’d make such a yogore video like this.

She might have given up becoming a fashion model, considering she’d make such a yogore video as this.

As always, video making is above an amateur level. Notice effective use of music. Playing the background music—-put in a marshmallow into her mouth—suddenly the music stops, with Venus saying something

It has three merits, (1) allowing you to hear her voice clearly by stopping the music, (2) comical effect (3) if music suddenly stopps, the listeners go “wtf?”. Hence, it makes them pay attention to what Venus has to say..

6:13 is a long video playing time, and I’d have skipped the middle part if this video wasn’t interesting.

I didn’t because her face was funny. She’ll pass as a comedian with a little bit of more work.

I found this in another newest video of her, she seems to like neologism from the get-go. She wrote “subscribble” instead of “subscribe”.

Neologism is a useful tactics of making a small bond with her fans.

"Fangelic" is her neologism too.

I enjoyed this video enough to watch it ‘till the end because I was laughing but the last part with all the saliva grossed me out so I had to close my eyes many times XD haha 

「 はじめまして!アメリカに住んでるチイです♫(本名はクリスですけどチイって呼んで下さいね!) いろんな趣味がありますけど、一番好きな趣味は歌うことです!夢はいつか歌手になることなんですからね♥ 日本語を勉強し始めますから頑張ります!よろしくお願いします☆ 」



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